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PT. Yuan Wira Perdana

The Leading Engineering Solutions

PT. Yuan Wira Perdana

SIUP : 206/24.1PB.7/31.71/-1.824.27/e/2016
NPWP : 01.331.781.3-073.000

Specialist in Bearings, Condition Monitoring, V-Belts/Timing Belts, Hose & Fittings, Couplings, Pulleys, Packing & Gaskets, Hardware Tools, Electrical Motors, Mechanical & Electrical Services, Chains, Rollers, Conveyor Systems & Maintenance,Hydraulic Systems, Rubber & Ceramic Linings

YWP Offices


Be the leader in bearing and rotating equipment with our passion for inovation and become a trusted partner in industry market

Total Revenue Source

Turnover + SGD 21 millions/year


Contract Customers


End Users





Yuan Wira Perdana
has 5 divison as follow

1. Bearing Division

2. Belt & Electrical Division

3. Power Transmission Division

4. Tools Division

5. Service Division

Yuan Wira Perdana has 4 sister company

PT. Vica Mitra Sealindo
PT. Ika Arta Sukses Sentosa
PT. Yerry Primatama Hosindo
PT. Sumber Sukses Sealindo


The Long Journey

Main Line Bussines




SKF, Lovejoy & Bibby

V-Belt & Timing Belt

SKF, Bando & Gates

Conveyor Belt

Bando, Exwill

Hydraulic Hose

Gates, UNI

Maintenance Products


Condition Monitoring


Lubricating System

SKF & Lincoln

Chain, Sprocket & Pulley


Rubber Lagging & Lining


Ceramic Lining


Belt Cleaner & Roller


Electric Motor

Nidec, Regal, Marathon

Electrical Motor Services

Nidec, Regal, Marathon

Term & Supply

Open Supply Conditions
  • Service only during business hours
  • No guaranteed stock and prices
  • Appropriate charges vary for problem consultation
Contract Prices Agreement
  • Term of contract price maximum until end of year
  • Free consultation and training
  • Emergency services provided exclusively
  • 70% of usages will be ready after mapping
Contract Items Agreement
  • Guarantee supply from request
  • Penalty will be charged if supply is not on time
  • Customer have to buy items from contract list
  • Mapping will be held before this contract
  • Training provided once a year at least
Consignment Agreement
  • Have to sign contract price & supply prior to
  • Based on fast moving items / common used
  • Mutual agreement for item & quantity
  • Customer is responsible for their own storage facilities
  • Supplier has the right to check stock upon permission for twice a year

Customer Contract

115 Contract Customers Up to December 2019


Identifying counterfeit / fake products

Warehouse management


Assembling and dismantling

Problem cause analysis

Where is Your Bearing Coming From?


Problem Cause Analysis

End User : IKPP Serpong
Application : Pick up roll
Identification of damage in the rolling element, inner ring and outer ring. rolling element and inner ring burned out and the outer with cracking part.

Head Office

PT. Yuan Wira Perdana
The Leading Engineering Solutions

Jl. Lautze no.14K Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10710

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